Georgia Currie
of Georgia Alice

The UNDONE in conversation with designer Georgia Currie of GEORGIA ALICE. Georgia Currie of Georgia Alice on The UNDONEPhotographer: Rebecca ZephyrthomasQUESTION ONE: How do you define the Georgia Alice aesthetic? 

Modern, cool, directional, light.

QUESTION TWO: Who is the Georgia Alice girl?

Champions with big hearts and positive vibrations. She dresses with ease and lightness. Loves dressing up. Loves dressing down. Walks to her own beat. 

QUESTION THREE: Does your personal style overlap with the brand's aesthetic?

Yes. As I have grown up so has GEORGIA ALICE, and I can always see a direct link between both. What I desire to wear often ends up being in the range. I am building a wardrobe and so is GA (Georgia Alice).

QUESTION FOUR: How do you approach designing a new collection?

Often I will look to past collections and what I loved and that will be the starting point, inspiration can come from many, ocean is also a huge part of my life. My sister studies art curatorship and works at Sullivan and Strumpf Gallery in Sydney. So she is constantly sending me new artists and things I should look into/ research. 


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Images via InstagramQUESTION FIVE: What pieces from Resort 17 will you be wearing?

Oh I love the One-Shoulder Crescent Shirt, Cult Skirt, The Moon Sisters Shirts, Angelic Sisters Dress and I love the simple Crystal Pleat Tops and Dresses! And the Resort Blazer with D-Ring belt - so fresh.

QUESTION SIX: What was the first piece you ever designed? Do you still have it? 

It was an ivory wool crepe dress from my very first season, and yes I still have it - it's one of my most favourite things. 

QUESTION SEVEN: What would your wardrobe essentials be if you could only choose five? 

1. Georgia Alice Grey Marle Tee

2. Georgia Alice B Skirt 

3. Georgia Alice Blazer 

4. A white shirt 

5. Celine sneakers (I am a sneakers gal.) 

QUESTION EIGHT: What's your favourite piece in your current wardrobe?

Ooooo that's a tough call... I have already started wearing the Crystal Pleat Dress in Ivory - I LOVE IT.

QUESTION NINE: Do you have any rituals? Why do you do them? 

Start with coffee. I can be quite scattered, so I like to start my day kindly - and then write lists and work my way through them. I am lucky to have such a beautiful group of girls working for me - they keep me on task.  

Georgia Alice Resort at The UNDONEImages Provided: Georgia Alice Resort17QUESTION TEN: What does your beauty routine look like? 

Very simple. I use jojoba oil for moisturiser/cleanse. During the day a high SPF facial sunscreen, or Origins tinted moisturiser with Vita Zing. DRINK lots of water.

QUESTION ELEVEN: What are your top 5 beauty products? 

1. Origins Tinted Moisturiser 

2. Mac Mineralise Spray

3. B by Balenciaga 

4. Jojoba Oil or Almond Oil 

5. Aspect Fruit Extract Mask 

QUESTION TWELVE: Where do you see the Georgia Alice brand heading? What can we expect for the next collection? 

So much!!! There is so much I want to achieve. I see GA doing a print in the following season. I am super inspired by Matisse at the moment. I want to continue to grow and look at expanding into jewels and shoes...maybe eyewear. But slow and steady wins the race. Big dreams

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