These Sneakers are Made From Plants

Written by: Sara Crampton

These Sneakers are Made From Plants | The UNDONE

As a long time pescatarian, when I heard plant based burgers were surfacing a few years ago I immediately gave them a go. I’ll admit I went in with pretty low expectations, could anything taste as good as what I remembered? Turns out, they could, and with the added benefit that I wasn’t eating the animals that I adored.

It’s reported that in 2023 the sneaker market will have generated $75.77 billion in sales. And it’s also projected that the number of pairs of sneakers sold will reach $1.38 billion by 2028. That’s a lot of kicks. And that’s also a lot of kicks made from leather. Although they only make up a fraction of this segment, the vegan leather sneaker market is also growing, and just like my plant based burger experience, the shoes are surpassing expectations.

I hadn’t heard of the plant based sneaker brand Flamingos Life until late last year. Kind of a funny name was my first reaction, but also, memorable. The Spanish footwear brand’s aim is to make biodegradable sneakers. Made from organic, pesticide free cotton, recycled plastic waste, natural corn residue and sustainable sourced rubber, with no animal products involved.

For each style of shoe, Flamingos Life has a mission attached. For each pair of Classic 70s sneakers sold the brand plants 5 trees in deforested areas. For every pair of the Roland V.10 style they collect 1kg of plastic from the ocean.

We’ve got in touch with a few UNDONE customers who have bought the sneakers for their honest thoughts and this is what they had to say.

The sneakers are fantastic. They are good fit, no rubbing etc . Would definitely recommend them and would buy more in different colours. And just quietly, they are better than the [competitor] brand.”

“These shoes are extremely comfortable. I love them… a lot. It is a very high quality shoe. Would love to see more of the range at the UNDONE for me to add to the collection."

White sneakers are a core part of our essential wardrobe, we would be completely lost without them. If you’re looking to make small steps to lessen your carbon footprint, or reduce the demand for animal products, it's worthwhile giving them a go. Making small swaps like switching from leather to plant based sneakers will have a ripple effect, plus they’re a good conversation starter!  And you never know, you might be like me with my plant based burger experience and find the new alternative is even better than the original.

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