Finding The Perfect Boots

Finding The Perfect Boots

It’s official, you can no longer get away with wearing your sandals with every outfit. It’s time to swap into your winter footwear and reeducate yourself on what shoes go with different outfits.

The hero of our essential winter footwear collection is of course the classic black boot, and if you’ve had to say goodbye to a few pairs of shoes over the last few months due to the damp that has swept through the east coast of Australia, you might be searching for a new pair of classic black boots.

What I love about the black boot is that due to their seasonality you really do hold onto them for years. Treat them well and you can get the better half of a decade of wear out of them before needing to replace, which is why taking the time to invest in the perfect style is so important.

Finding The Perfect Boots

There are a handful of mistakes I’ve made in the past when selecting a boot, like opting for too high a heel, too short a length that results in revealing the awkward ankle gap between the boot and jeans, and too pointy a toe. Feet, I’m truly sorry.

So when I see a boot style like the A.Emery Soma Boot that avoids the above and is exactly what I had always envisioned a classic black boot to look like, I don’t hesitate. Perfectly created after years of research the Soma Boot features include an almond shaped toe, a slightly higher rise in length without being too high they cut into your calf, and the very comfortable yet slightly elevated 5.5cm heel. St. Agni have also created an ideal black Ankle Boot this season featuring the same higher rise length perfect for layering under your favourite jeans, a squared off toe and stacked low heel. 

To get the most out of your footwear it’s important to give them love and care. Take the time to resole your boots each season, this is going to help you get the longevity out of your investment. Get out the leather conditioner and give them a good moisturise, before finally sealing them with a water proof spray, because you never know when you’re going to get caught out!

Finding The Perfect Boot

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