Creativity During Lockdown with Erin Maxwell

Creativity During Lockdown with Erin Maxwell


As Victoria stays safe while staying at home during their second lockdown, we check in on Melbourne mother and creative Erin Maxwell @ejmaxwell on how she's using her creativity during this time, her feel good wardrobe essential and ask her to share what this experience has taught her to lean on.


Creativity is a big part of your life. What are you doing to be creative right now?

Being creative is definitely my outlet and also now such a natural part of my daily life. Taking photos of my moments and family is a great way for me to get in the zone and no matter where we are or what we faced with photography can always be implemented into life. I have a lot of product as well that I love to shoot so that keeps me busy as well.

What are you reaching for in your wardrobe that makes you happy?

I promised myself I wouldn’t make sweatpants a part of the routine when getting out of my ‘active wear’ so the lines didn’t get blurred when I was going out somewhere other than the supermarket. I definitely upgraded that category with some beautiful lifestyle brands now making tights and sweatshirts a style moment but as a good Melbourne girl nothing makes me happier than a beautiful knit. I have also been enjoying having my tan trench to throw over everything to feel a little extra.

What are some routines you’re able to keep that provide comfort?

I am loving my Fluid Form at home with the beautiful Kristen which gives a daily routine that sets you up for the day. I have also been writing a bit more and working on my last years travel images and stories which in these times definitely remind you of all that is good and positive in the world through travel. Editing and working through photography is definitely a big part of my calm and my happy place.

What have you learnt to lean on to get you through this period of time?

I absolutely appreciate my family and have been able to really be present with my beautiful kids as we navigate this time together. I don’t underestimate the feelings and emotions they must be feeling if we as adults are feeling overwhelmed they have had a lot shift in their little worlds. We just work through all of this together and I am lucky to have love around me. The power of a phone call or message to connect with the loves in your life is also a big one for me. I am quite a homebody and didn’t realise how much I would miss interaction and company that maybe I took for granted being able to just catch up with people when I felt like it.


Images via @ejmaxwell

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