Designer Focus: Little Liffner

Little Liffner emerged from Stockholm in 2012 as the brainchild of Paulina Liffner Von Sydow and since launching has quietly built a cult following. Spotted in the hands and on the arms and shoulders of style icons like @garnacedore @louloudesaison, @sophiaroe, @filippahagg @NYCbambi and @beatrice.gutu, Little Liffner has created a strong focus on refined, clean-cut designs, and quality materials.

Here are 3 reasons why we can’t keep our hands off Little Liffner handbags. 


Logo Free

We’re quite partial to an it bag without the logo. When you fall in love with a logo free bag you’re really appreciating the design and craftmanship of the product. No one knows who made it, it’s not a status symbol, it’s pure appreciation. 

Liffner Von Sydow sights a logo free design enables the wearer to project their style and personality onto the bag, rather than the other way around, and we couldn’t agree more. 


Quality and Versatility front of mind

Little Liffner has found its sweet spot, by combining Scandinavian functionality with Italian craftmanship you get the best of both worlds. With the optional long strap designed to neatly tuck away or be completely removable, the bags are multi functional, something we always say yes to.


Accessible Luxury

The craftmanship of the bags are comparable with luxury labels 3 x the price, yet the Little Liffner price tag (although definitely needs a thoughtful consideration process) slides into the gap of beautifully made bags under $600. 

A well designed bag can become an everyday hero of the wardrobe, and elevate almost any outfit. Investing in the right bag that goes with everything, that doesn’t date and have any logos attached, will pay you divendends for years to come.

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