Creative Consultant Chloe Naughton On
Crafting A Winter Workwear Capsule

Written by: Chloe Naughton

Creative Consultant Chloe Naughton On Crafting A Winter Workwear Capsule | The UNDONE

Chloe Naughton is a Creative Consultant and Studio Director for A-N Studio, based in Melbourne, Australia. We’ve admired her refined, minimalist style from afar and are delighted to feature her on the journal this month to share her capsule wardrobe journey and winter workwear checklist. 

A workwear capsule wardrobe provides me with a sense of clarity and a feeling of mental spaciousness, which I am trying to incorporate into every aspect of my life. To make it simple, I’m always considering what are the items that are essential and what are not. The biggest question I have been asking myself when going through my wardrobe in recent years has been “what if I need this?”. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that when I have kept an item because of the “what if” thought, more often than not, I don’t reach for it. Which is a good sign it needs to go! I need my wardrobe to be minimal and refined yet built to last.

By curating a small collection of essential, versatile pieces, I eliminate the noise and overwhelm of an overflowing wardrobe. Allowing me to easily mix and match items to create effortlessly cohesive looks that align with my personal style. It’s less effort to maintain in regards to the care of my clothes and my wardrobe now takes up a lot less space than ever before. This approach has also helped me with my relationship to clothes. Getting to know my personal style on a deeper and more personal level allows me to stay out of the trend cycle and really see the gaps in my wardrobe. Which is why much of my wardrobe is flexible and adaptable to many settings. After years of refining this, I know that when I need to get dressed quickly I can always find something to wear. 

winter workwear capsule collage

(Products L-R: Egon Coat, Classic 70s, Gibson T-Shirt, Fat Snake Ring, Irving Trouser)

winter workwear capsule collage

(Products L-R: Classic Pocket Shirt, Classic Leather Belt, Organic Long Sleeve Top, Minimal Woven Tote, Piper Sandal, Carter Trouser)

The idea of re-wearing a garment or an outfit can sometimes have negative connotations, but I am fully invested in the idea of a capsule wardrobe - a collection of pieces I’ll wear on heavy rotation for seasons to come. I truly believe less is more + quality over quantity. This has been a path I have been moving towards for many years now, although I still feel like I have a long way to go. For anyone who is embarking on a capsule wardrobe journey, I recommend you start by taking note of the items that you naturally reach for everyday and for what occasions. I have been told we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time, and this has been the driving force behind my choice to minimise the amount of clothing I have and begin a capsule wardrobe. Removing 80% of my wardrobe and creating space for the 20% has been liberating and freeing. 

Like Joan Didion, I have a little checklist that I have created for myself over time through trial and error that I know works for me. This is a list of workwear capsule wardrobe essentials that you will literally see me wearing every day.  While my wardrobe outside is quite fluid and blurs with my work capsule, I do like having dedicated pieces, so I feel a little different outside of work. It also allows me to give certain pieces a rest.

winter workwear capsule collage

(Products L-R: Egon Coat, Soma Boot, Mica Low Rise Wide Leg Jean, Link Bracelet, Relaxed Tailored Blazer, Organic Long Sleeve Top)

winter workwear capsule collage

(Products L-R: Roberta Jumper, Soma Boot, Irving Trouser, Thin Link Drop Earrings, Long Sleeve Magyar Tee)

Chloe's Workwear Essentials

A refined and paired back wardrobe might sound boring to some, however it’s given me space to appreciate deliberate, intelligent refined design, considered details and unique silhouettes that others might not notice or see. 

I have started to appreciate the design of clothing like an architect would in designing a house or a painter considering composition on a painting. All the elements that come together to create a beautiful and timeless, yet interesting garment is not an easy feat. I am in awe of so many designers across the world who push themselves by adding less and focusing on small details to create intrigue and timeless design. 

winter workwear capsule collage

(Products L-R: Carter Blazer, Gibson T-Shirt, London High Rise Straight Leg Jean, Classic Leather Belt, Minimal Woven Tote, Piper Sandal)

In regard to fabrics, I always opt for natural fibres although they do require a certain level of care. They are better for both us and the environment. Natural fibres keep us warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. There is an amazing book by an Australian author Lucianne Tonti called ‘Sundressed’ – a beautiful and inspiring reference that delves into the benefits of natural fibres whilst explaining their function and ability to help with the environmental crisis within fashion consumption. I cannot recommend this read enough for someone who is interested in investing in lifetime quality pieces. My favourite fabrications are cotton, wool, cashmere, linen, denim and silk.    

My latest investment has been the LEMAIRE Croissant bag which I acquired on a recent trip to Paris. I actually went halves with my partner on this bag and we share it like we do a lot of items. We have found over the years our style is quite similar, and while I enjoy wearing oversized male or unisex clothing, he enjoys strong yet simple silhouettes and quality construction. I needed a bag that suited work, travel and weekend activities.

Another item I have recently invested in is the SLVRLAKE Mica Low Rise Wide Leg Jean in ‘Born to Run’. I have my usual straight leg, high rise denim, however I needed something that offers a little more of an interesting flare. I originally saw these as a more casual investment but have surprised myself with how much I have been enjoying wearing them with my leather flats and structured blazers to work. It’s been a good addition to my wardrobe because it’s given me an entirely different look whilst still wearing adaptable denim.

Recently, I have noticed I am being drawn to grey and navy, opposed to black and white. I feel grey and navy are still neutral timeless colours that offer more depth and character in their tone. Of course, it’s still a very minimalist colour pallet but I’ve been enjoying adding more of these tones to my wardrobe. Along with this I love to wear one colour in varying tones.

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