Caroline Walls x The UNDONE

Caroline Walls x The UNDONE

Caroline Walls x The UNDONE



A refined, curated style doesn’t end at the wardrobe, it transcends into every aspect of our lives, and our homes and office spaces are no exception. We’ve been double tapping on Melbourne artist Caroline Walls effortless line drawings of the female form a lot lately, so thought we may as well reach out and get connected. And so this limited edition print series was born.

Each A3 print is limited to just 25 units, with each being signed and numbered by the artist. Sold separately, the pieces can be styled individually or as a set two, three or four.

We chatted with Caroline to find out more about what inspires her undone, interpretation of the female form.

What does your art focus on and why?

The defining focus and inspiration for my art practise is the notion of the ‘female’ or the feminine, and all that this carries with it — strength, sexuality, fragility, fertility, burden and beauty.

Why have you decided to collaborate with The UNDONE to create exclusive pieces?

With my background in fashion art direction and design it felt like a really natural collaborative fit for me to work with The UNDONE on an exclusive series of works. A collaboration allowing me to combine two of my loves - art and fashion. Most importantly we share a really similar approach to aesthetics, with an appreciation for minimalism and a streamlined colour palette, which I think is apparent in my artworks as well as The UNDONE range.

What interested you most about the female form?

I love this idea of creating works that respond to the female form - the curves, the lines, the way it moves and bends - through the female gaze, rather than a males. A male can view the female form from a purely observational stand point only gaining insight from looking and touching, whereas I can know how the female form can look and feel to touch but I also have a deep understanding of how it feels to be 'in' the female body, both on a physical and a psychological level.

How do you want people to respond to your pieces?

I try not to dictate or answer how a person views or feels for any particular work as I think that should be left to the audience but ultimately I hope people see it as a celebration of and for the female in all its forms and incarnations. I’m very much interested in creating a dialogue around the empowerment of women and the continued pursuit for equality - I want my works to feel bold, unapologetic and proud. What’s different between creating sketches vs paintings?

How do you approach both?

My approach to my sketches opposed to my paintings is very different on one level, but quite similar on another. Where my paintings take a lot of composition planning, refining and painted layers over a long of period time, my sketches are spontaneous, free and unrestricted - they are made very much in the moment. But certainly both use a reductive process in the sense that I tend to break down the female figure to its most essential line and form to heighten the overall expressiveness of any given piece.


Prints are available from August 1 exclusive to  RRP: $120

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