An Organised Life

It's time to get organised. Tips from someone who has made a business from being just that.

Introducing Beck Wadworth, a New Zealand born, Australian residing creative that started stationary and lifestyle brand, 'An Organised Life' in 2013. Born from a desire to create luxurious yet functional stationary that will help bring structure and organisation into busy lives.

Beck Wadworth of An Organised Life 'In Conversation' with The UNDONE

Beck, as you would expect is enviously organised, with the New Year in full swing and many of us heading back to work this week, we sat down with her to ask how we can stay organised. Helping us all to have 'An Organised Life' in 2017.

TIP ONE: Get your outfit ready the night before. It may sound simple but getting your outfit ready the night before can save you a world of time in the morning. 

TIP TWO: Always write in pencil. Life is unpredictable and always changing. Writing in pencil allows your diary, calendar or do to list to maintain looking neat and tidy.

TIP THREE: Set your watch 5 minutes fast. There is nothing worse than being late for a meeting, event or appointment - avoid the embarrassment and set your watch 5 minutes fast. 

 TIP FOUR: Utilise a diary or notebook. Life these days is very fast-paced. Stay on top of the game by using a diary or notebook to write down all your reminders, to do list and appointments. Spend 2 minutes every night looking ahead at the following day/ your week and get prepared mentally.

TIP FIVE: Plan ahead. Before you start your day, always take the time to plan our what out what you want to achieve. Don't start your day until you have completed a very thorough time plan and to do list. 

TIP SIX: Prioritise. Prioritising is an absolute must. Look over your day and highlight the top 3 priorities in one colour e.g: yellow. From there mark a small A.M next to any other smaller tasks you ideally want to get through during the morning. Do the same with P.M for any other tasks you want to achieve in the afternoon. Remember to write in pencil incase anything shifts along the way. Divide and conquer!

TIP SEVEN: Be an early bird. Note down all your deadlines in a diary or calendar. However, always be an early bird with your deadline dates. Make them 1-2 days ahead of schedule or if you're lacking time to start with, try to be at least a few hours early to allow for any interruptions. You'll never be late again.

 An Organised Life with Beck Wadworth 'In Conversation' with The UNDONE

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