Beck Wadworth, Founder of An Organised Life

The UNDONE | An Organised Life Designer Interview | Beck Wadworth

Beck Wadworth, the founder of An Organised Life, a minimalist stationary brand, perfectly encompasses a thoughtful, considered and minimal style. Having lived in Sydney for several years, Beck moved back to beautiful New Zealand last year, setting up her second office to cater to her growing business. 

She is also the most organised person we know, fitting for her line of work, which she lives and breathes. We spoke to Beck about how she found her personal style, how she goes about planning what to wear each day and how she organises her wardrobe. 

Get your notebook out, you’ll want to write these down.


When did you find your personal style and what would you describe it as? 

I discovered my personal style & how to dress my body shape properly when I was about 22 and it hasn’t changed since - it’s very minimal and effortless. Less is more. From that age I also started favouring pieces that I could wear season after season rather than trend driven pieces. 

What helps you get dressed in the morning, is there a styling tip you always stick to?

I plan my outfit the night before by firstly checking my diary to see what I have scheduled as well as checking the weather forecast. After that I go with what makes me feel comfortable and confident. In terms of styling I usually try to accentuate my waist to highlight my curves, especially when wearing a dress, otherwise I quite often opt for a belt with pants.

Beck wears Anna Quan Jacket and Holly Ryan Necklace


What’s the oldest pieces in your wardrobe and what makes you hold onto it? 

I would say it would be some of my handbags, coats & blazers. They are pieces that never date & are high quality investments. I’ve definitely had my money's worth out of all of them!

Given you’re a very organised person, how do you organise your wardrobe?

I have the world’s smallest wardrobe at my home in Auckland at the moment so I have had to get creative with storage solutions and organising. I organise my tiny wardrobe in categories and then colours. For example, currently my wardrobe is Pants (white, beige, navy, black), Skirts (white, beige, navy, black), Dresses (white, beige, navy, black), etc. I fold all my knits, activewear & denim in a separate storage cabinet & have a similar structure in keeping their colours together as well.

Beck wears Maggie Marilyn Dress and Holly Ryan Necklace.


Are you an impulse purchaser or do you have a style rule that helps you when adding an item to your wardrobe? 

I’m definitely not an impulse purchaser. I always take my time & try to think of all the ways & places I could wear an item. My rule is to think of 3 different looks before I purchase anything. I’m not afraid to wear something twice and I’m happy to invest in quality brands & pieces when I know they suit my style perfectly and I’ll get a lot of wear out of them.

Your MVP’s, what do you wear the most often? 

Definitely jeans, a tee, boyfriend blazer & kitten heels or sneakers, otherwise there is a high chance you will find me in a white or black dress that is ankle length. 

Who are your favourite designers?

My wardrobe currently consists of Maggie Marilyn, Anna Quan, Christopher Esber, Bec + Bridge, AJE, Beaufille, Georgia Alice, Marle, Matteau, Rylan & SIR.  


Beck wears Sir The Label Dress and By Nye Earrings.


You can never have too many…. 

Blazers, black dresses or tees.

What would you feel lost without? 

My phone, diary, black boyfriend blazer and my Rylan handbag filled with ALL my essentials & little emergency kits.  

What does being undone mean to you? 

It means being relaxed & less is more. 

Beck wears Sir The Label Top and Bondi Born Pants

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