A Minimalists Wedding Guest Guide To Dressing

A Minimalists Wedding Guest Guide To Dressing

We love wedding season and all the excitement and happiness they bring, however we also like to be completely prepared and want to make sure our wedding outfit is just right. 

Being a minimalist, weddings can present a much stricter dress code, with colour and florals being eliminated instantaneously, we need to think a little creatively to bring the right amount of elegance and festivity. 

We also try to avoid at all cost, the one wear only dress, so we need to think beyond the day itself and when we can wear the outfit again post wedding. We find it easiest to keep three things in mind when selecting the ideal wedding guest dress, versatility, wearability, and comfort.

Additionally, despite the formality, location, or theme of the wedding, there are a few cardinal rules you should always consider.

Read further for our 5 wedding guest dressing rules.

Written by Kaija Love

1. Say No to White

White, and all shades of, are an absolutely no-no. This also rules out silver, patterns that are predominately white and pale pastels that make you pause and question if its a bit too bridal. If you need to question it, it's best to rule it out. 

Think of it as the perfect time to experiment with the seasons colour palette. Beige, olive green, black (yes, it’s okay to wear black) navy and chocolate brown, and play with timeless patterns like polka dots and stripes, or have fun with exaggerated silhouette like our much loved balloon sleeve. Being restricted by colour is something we take in our stride, after all. 

A Minimalists Wedding Guest Guide To Dressing

2. Ditch the mini dress

Not only are mini dresses impractical, but wearing a below the knee dress gives us the perfect excuse to dress up. Point blank, today is not your day, and unless you're 18 and under, a mini dress is going to raise an eyebrow. You might have legs for days, and the 'cocktail' dress code could entice you otherwise, but in this instance, it's best to save your shorter dresses for birthday parties, summer soirees and other non wedding celebrations.  

If you need no other convincing, the pro to wearing a longer dress, especially a maxi is the ability to discreetly wear flats (or swap them over later) without anyone noticing. A wedding is a marathon after all, and you want to make it to then end with your feet still in tact. 


A Minimalists Wedding Guest Guide To Dressing

3. It’s okay to ask the bride

Don’t be afraid to speak up. Turning up to a wedding dressed too similar to the bridal party can lead to some pretty awkward photos, so we find it’s better to simply ask the bride the colour palate the bridal party intend on wearing, so you can prep accordingly and steer clear.


A Minimalists Wedding Guest Guide To Dressing

4. Dress appropriately for the location of the wedding

What kind of wedding are you attending? Is it black tie? Resort? A beach wedding? Or perhaps a country wedding amidst lush greenery? If it’s formal, you’ll want to opt for something long, sleek and simple. A maxi bias dress by Paris Georgia or maxi dress by Albus Lumen are our go-to's for formal wear. 

While a beautiful satin maxi dress is perfect for a formal wedding it, this may not be fit for an occasion like a garden or rustic country wedding. It's always good to check the venue and location before picking the perfect outfit. 

A Minimalists Wedding Guest Guide To Dressing

5. The finishing touch

It can be beneficial to consider what kinds of terrain the wedding will be on, beach, grass, concrete and cobblestone all present different shoe criteria. Not only this though, it can be helpful to think about the weather. All the planning in the world, and the weather can still be unpredictable. At the end of the day, no one wants to be caught squelching around the muddy grass in new white silk sandals.

For a garden wedding, sandals and thicker heel will be your go-to. For a formal or resort wedding, you’ll want to opt for something a bit more sophisticated. Our go-to is a low-heel. The ATPNashi’ and ‘Cacoa’ sandal is your perfect bet.

A Minimalists Wedding Guest Guide To Dressing
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