A Shareable Wardrobe

A shareable wardrobe

In the lead up to Mother’s Day, we’ve been thinking about the power of a shareable wardrobe and the timeless pieces we’ve inherited or borrowed from loved ones over the years, as well as the items we’ve invested in that we have been able to pass on. 

Whether we’re borrowing or lending, there’s something very special about the pieces that can be shared and loved by multiple wearers across different generations - and the stories they start to tell. 

As a team this is something we have all experienced over the years, and we have shared some of our favourite stories below.


During my teenage years I loved going through my mum's accessories, and a few glomesh bags definitely made their way into my going out looks. More so, she has passed on the lesson on how to store the pieces you invest in, keeping shoes and bags in boxes and dust bags and everything had its special place. It’s not just about buying pieces that transcend seasons, but it’s equally about looking after what you do invest in so that they can last for years to come.


I’ve been so lucky that mum has always shared her wardrobe with me, and since my late teens I’ve loved shopping mum’s wardrobe wearing many of her dresses and bags to events over the years. I have a couple of cashmere knits that I “borrowed” when I went on a trip to London a few years ago that I’ve managed to hold onto, and they’re still my favourite to bring out every winter. My all time favourite piece from mum however, is her watch which she had restored and gave to me for Christmas. I wear it everyday and love that it had a life with her before me! 

A Shareable Wardrobe


Just like my mother, I am a woman who appreciates holding onto those special pieces in your wardrobe, because you never know when the moment can arise to reuse and renew an outfit. Many little black dresses have made their way over to my wardrobe including an off-the-shoulder black velvet dress with a feather neckline my mum wore in the 90’s. We hemmed the bottom into a mini dress (with her permission of course!) and touched up the feathers, to wear for my birthday last year. It’s all about giving pieces a new life and story.


Growing up with only brothers meant that I always found my way into my mum's wardrobe, although now it tends to be the other way around. She has passed on some beautiful pieces of jewellery that she was given by her mum, which I now get to wear and create my own memories with and pass down myself one day and I think that is such a special gift in itself.


I am very fortunate to share the same values with my mum when building our wardrobes with pieces we love and have collected over time. Each item she owns has been well preserved and taken care of, so it is always a fun, exciting time walking through her closet for when I need a refresh in outfit ideas.

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