A Beginners Guide:
Creating an Effortless Wardrobe

A Beginners Guide | Creating an Effortless Wardrobe | The UNDONE

If you're reading this then you're almost there. The most important step in creating an effortless wardrobe is wanting to reduce what you have and bring back the focus on quality and purpose. Life is overwhelming as it is, and an overflowing wardrobe isn't going to help!

Here are three simple, beginners guide steps to begin the journey in creating your effortless wardrobe.


Start by eliminating items that you no longer wear. These are the pieces that have holes in them, don't fit properly, aren't comfortable to wear, no longer feel appropriate or simply don't make you feel good. Be brutal. You need to first let go of these items knowing they no longer serve their purpose in order to create an effortless wardrobe. 


Look at what's left and arrange them into categories. Top, jeans, dresses, and then even further, black midi skirts, white shirts ect.  This will make it clear if you have multiples of the same item, and if you do then you should probably look at editing down even further. This process also helps show where there are gaps that need filling. 


Now that you have edited down and discarded the clutter, you can start to think about your colour palette, which can help you refine your wardrobe even further.  We're biased, but you really can't go wrong with a foundation of neutrals which include black, white, grey, denim, navy, camel and khaki. 

However, if you love something a bit different like a emerald or yellow, go for it, we won't judge. Just choose carefully and go for a palette that is refined. This is a critical process that lays the foundation of your pieces working seamlessly with each other. 

Please comment below on how you have edited down your wardrobe, tips, tricks and anything that we should know! 
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