5 Reasons Why We Love Kacey Devlin

5 Reasons Why We Love Kacey Devlin

Written by Sarah Mourtos  

Kacey Devlin is a contemporary designer from Sydney, Australia focussing on designer pieces for the elevated modern woman's wardrobe. With her fluid fabrications, unexpected drapery, and reinvented wardrobe classics, everyone is falling in love with Kacey Devlin, and so are we!

Here are five reasons why we love Kacey Devlin.


Mix And Match

Kacey Devlin pieces look just as good on their own as they do with each other. All of their clothes are designed to mix and match seamlessly within the collection and your current wardrobe. For those who are just starting to curate a minimalist capsule wardrobe, Kacey Devlin is an excellent place to start.


5 Reasons Why We Love Kacey Devlin

Left Image: Albus Lumen Bebe Singlet Top | Right Image: Kacey Devlin Rational Wrap Blouse, Christopher Esber Wide Leg Bias Satin Trouser

Great For Travel

Seasoned travellers will know that space in your luggage is a precious commodity. Kacey Devlin pieces are great for travel as they are made from light-weight fabrications which take up next to no room in your suitcase.  The fluid and breathable fabrics aren’t prone to creasing which means no fumbling with hotel room irons. And if those reasons weren’t convincing enough, most of their skirts and dresses can be worn in multiple ways.


 Australian Made 

Shopping feels that extra bit rewarding when you know you’re doing your bit to support local designers and manufacturers. Kacey Devlin clothes are made in Australia, and she is committed to leaving a lighter footprint on our planet. It’s a win/win for our wardrobes and the whales.


5 Reasons Why We Love Kacey Devlin

Left Image: Albus Lumen Bebe Singlet Top, Kacey Devlin Catalyst Skirt | Right Image: Kacey Devlin Pinnacle Midi Wrap Dress


Many brands claim their clothes can take you from day to night, but you somehow end up sitting in a swanky bar feeling out of place in your outfit from that day . Kacey Devlin is a brand that can deliver on that promise. Take the Pinnacle Midi Wrap Dress for example. With the help of a tee and sneakers, you have a casual look. When 8 pm hits, ditch the tee and sub in some strappy sandals and statement earrings for a party outfit that will take you well into the night.


They Make The Perfect Basic Tee

We thought the search for the perfect basic tee would be eternal, until now. Kacey Devlin has made the impossible possible and created the perfect basic tee. It ticks all the boxes; crew neckline, soft and stretchy ribbed cotton/spandex fabric, a slightly tapered waist and all for under $150. We’ll pause for a second while you process this life-changing information. *Adds to basket immediately*

5 Reasons Why We Love Kacey Devlin




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