4 Ways To Wear A Slip Dress

4 Ways To Wear A Slip Dress


When the slip dress first reached our shores, there was caution. It was a sense that the style would be another 90s trend making an appearance only to disappear next spring. 

Oh boy, we were wrong. The slip dress is now entrenched as a staple for any minimalist’s wardrobe. It has redefined the meaning of a little black dress.  The only problem, it can be tricky to wear. How do you confidently step out in your slip dress without feeling like you’ve forgotten the rest of your clothes?

Many have commented on the similarity to a camisole nightgown, which could be the reason why there is apprehension around this style of dress. But, the beauty of a slip is that it’s versatile. There is no ‘one’ way to wear it. Within one silky dress, you have endless possibilities. 

If you’re searching for inspiration, here are four ways to wear a black slip dress.

Written by Sarah Mourtos

On its own

Let’s start with the foundation. It’s perfectly acceptable to wear a slip dress on its own, you just have to find the right one. It’s about having an eye for details, as there are variations within the style which can elevate a dress from others. A dress with a tailored silhouette will be flattering on all body shapes, as opposed to one that falls straight down. Make sure the hemline hits the sweet spot at mid-calf, so it can be worn with both heels and flats. It’s worth investing in alterations, as this can be a different length on everyone. Finally, a style with a v-neckline is helpful too. It allows you to layer the dress over a triangle bralette if you need the extra support.

Now that you have the perfect dress, pair with strappy black sandals, slicked hair, and statement gold earrings. This is an excellent outfit for Saturday night drinks or even as a wedding guest.

The White T-Shirt 

Is there anything a white crew neck t-shirt cannot be paired with? A slip dress over a t-shirt is the ultimate off-duty outfit. It transforms what is traditionally seen as an evening dress into something that is relaxed and casual. This simple addition makes the dress stretch that extra mile in your wardrobe. Alternatively, you could wear a t-shirt over the dress to make it appear like a slip skirt. The best part is, unlike a skirt, it will not ride up throughout the day which keeps everything streamlined. 

4 Ways To Wear A Slip Dress

Sweater Weather

Most people think a slip dress would be retired to a coat hanger during the colder months, but it still can be worn when paired with the right items. A knit will give the extra warmth that is needed when the mercury drops below 14 degrees. This look plays on texture with the sheen of the silk and softness of the knit. To finish everything off, style with a pair of heeled boots and hoop earrings. 

In the Trenches   

These two pieces aren't naturally styled together, but when they are, it looks like an outfit seen during fashion week. A long trench coat -longer than the dress itself- and a slip dress strike a perfect balance between feminine and masculine.  Choose a trench that isn't black. This is to contrast the black dress and ensure you aren't swallowed by darkness. We love the Christopher Esber Redux Trench in a rich chocolate brown.  Top it off with a pair of white sneakers for a comfortable on-the-go look.

4 Ways To Wear A Slip Dress

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