3 Details to Look for When Investing in a Timeless Black Ankle Boot

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There is a tipping point when dressing for autumn and winter where the summer sandals get packed away and you’re exclusively in boots and closed in shoes for the foreseeable months ahead. At this moment you either realise you have successfully filled your winter shoe gaps the years prior, or you find yourself at a complete loss for why you still haven’t ticked off the perfect black ankle boot from your wardrobe essentials list.

A black ankle boot should last you several seasons, and there is a guide to looking after your boots to help you achieve this, but the first step is ensuring you’re investing in the right pair to begin with. Our advice, be picky.

Investing in a classic winter boot should be a slow and considered process, and here we highlight 3 details to look out for when searching for the best black ankle boots that will last the distance.


There are a couple of styles of black ankle boots that fall under the ‘classics’ which helps to narrow down the search. One of the most popular is the Chelsea Boot, characterised by its close fitting ankle silhouette with an elastic side panel, back pull tab and low to flat heel profile. The A.Emery Grace Boot is an example of a classic Chelsea Boot, and in our opinion is the perfect rendition of this style. Over the last few years the chunky soled Chelsea boot has surfaced, but with trends, their lifespan hasn't lasted the distance and if you’re looking for a more classic and timeless style, then opting for a more streamlined version will be a better investment.

Another would be a heeled version of the classic black ankle boot that can be both dressed up and also worn comfortably throughout the day as a winter office shoe or for general day to day wear. Heel height is key here, you’re looking for an elevated lift to style with your longer trousers but needs to be comfortable to pass being on your feet all day. Look for a design that has a close, streamlined fit, free from excess bulk or detailing as this is a style that should act as an elevated winter heel.


Shaft Height

Nothing ruins a look more than realising there is a gap between your boots and your trousers or jeans. Nothing. This gap also creates a dry patch for your skin and that is also not cute.

If you know you’re going to be wearing your boots with ankle length jeans, trousers or skirt, make sure you look for a black boot that has a high enough shaft that will ensure there is no gap between the top of the boot and the bottom of your pant hem. Having a boot with too high a rise also has its fit problems, so you’re looking for a style that covers the ankle but stops before your calf. 


There are boots that will last one season and there are boots that will last several seasons. It's true a big portion of this comes to how we look after our belongings, avoiding the rain, giving our boots a little TLC, but the other key consideration is how well the boots are made.

Look for details like where the boots are made, upper (the material on the outside) material choice, what the sole of the shoe looks like and what this is made from. It’s all in the details.

Shop 3 classics black ankle boots by A.Emery, and tick off finding the perfect black ankle boot from your essential wardrobe list.

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