10 Things Only People Who Constantly Wear Black Will Understand

10 things only those that constantly wear black will understand


From avoiding white haired animals at all costs to having mild panic attacks at dress codes where black isn't an option - wearing all black isn't always easy. We feel you. 


1. Shopping online is a breeze - type “black” into the search bar, and you’re pretty much good to go.

2. You constantly get asked if you’re going to a funeral, and you have to pretend like you haven't heard the same joke a million times before. 

3. Mismatching blacks is the closest you get to worrying about your outfit….

4. ....but when they don’t match, it kinda bums you out. 

5. The Adam’s family defined #stylegoals to you a lot more than Gossip Girl or Sex and The City ever did. 

6. Deodorant stains can literally ruin your whole day.

7. You never have to worry about getting sloppy drunk - no one can tell you’ve spilt red wine on yourself…twice. 

8. Florals for spring? Probably not. 

9. Garden weddings, pink and blue themed baby showers and all-white summer parties give you serious anxiety. 

10. You pretty much look untouchably polished everywhere you go, all the time - so why change?

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