The Power of A Perfect Fit:
Why You Should Tailor Your Clothes

The Power of A Perfect Fit: Why You Should Tailor Your Clothes

At its heart, minimalist style is all about simplicity – creating effortlessly chic, polished outfits without much effort. To achieve this, it's essential to pay attention to, not just the timeless silhouettes and a classic colour palette, but also the fit of your clothes. If mastering minimalist dressing is all about well-tailored basics, professional tailoring is vital to achieving it when you don’t find a perfect fit off the rack. A trusted tailor will advise you on everything from shortening pants, adjusting a dress, or letting out a blazer. These small alterations make a big difference in creating a more personalised fit which adds polish to your wardrobe.

Finding the right fit

A tailor can help you achieve your perfect fit by adjusting garments to your unique measurements. This generally means taking in or letting out seams, changing lengths, or altering waistlines – these minor adjustments make all the difference. Plus, the better the fit, the more comfortable you'll feel in your clothes. 

Tailoring is not just important for perfecting fit; it can also be essential in caring for your clothes. When you invest in a piece, you want it to last, and tailoring helps ensure that your clothes are well-fitted and, therefore, less likely to stretch or lose shape over time. By taking care of your clothes, you're also contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry because you’re more likely to keep (and wear!) them for years to come.

The Power of a Perfect Fit: Why You Should Tailor Your Clothes

What to alter

When it comes to altering different garments, there are specific things to consider. For pants, first look at the length and where they sit on your body. A good tailor will ask you to bring along the shoes you intend to wear with them the most to ensure the hemline is perfect.

For suit jackets and blazers, it's crucial to measure your shoulder width, as this can significantly impact the overall fit. A blazer that's too big or too small in the shoulders can throw off the intended silhouette. A tailor can also adjust the sleeves and hemline to ensure a comfortable and polished result.

Dresses are another item that can be tricky to fit, particularly if you're in-between sizes. A tailor can adjust the length and/or take in or let out the waistline to create a made-to-measure look that flatters your shape.

Pre-loved and vintage garments are often well-crafted in high-quality fabrics, making them a perfect candidate for tailoring too. Bonus: tailoring second-hand clothes not only helps to reduce waste and promote sustainability, it also ensures you're investing in a vintage piece that will last for years to come. 

The Power of a Perfect Fit: Why You Should Tailor Your Clothes

How to find a good tailor

Our three top tips.

  • Ask for recommendations: If you have friends or family who have had clothes tailored, ask them for their recommendations. Word of mouth is often the best way to find a good tailor!
  • Check out online reviews: Look up your local tailors online and check their reviews.
  • Ask about experience: Experienced tailors generally have the skills and knowledge to handle common alterations, but some specialise in suiting or leather work. If you’ve got a special piece, enquire first.

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