The UNDONE Turns 2!



Happy birthday to us! To celebrate, we chat with our director and founder Sara Crampton about the momentous occasion

Written by: Hannah-Rose Yee

Here are some things that are two years old:

• Luna Legend, the adorable daughter of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen
• Stranger Things
• Beyoncé’s truly iconic Lemonade visual album
• Pokémon Go
• Leonardo DiCaprio finally winning his first Oscar
• Brad and Angelina calling it quits
• And The UNDONE

That’s right, two years ago our director and founder turned a lifelong dream to launch an online store that spoke to the style fundamentals she holds dear – minimalism, sustainability, quality – and the aesthetic she had honed over the last 10 years working on her personal blog Harper and Harley.

So it’s only right that we hear from the woman herself on this, the second anniversary of The UNDONE’s launch. We asked her a little bit about what she was like as a two year old – naturally, incredibly cute and already interested in fashion – as well as finding out her biggest pinch-me moments on The UNDONE’s journey thus far and where she is taking the business next.

The UNDONE turns 2


Happy 2nd birthday! How does it feel to have The UNDONE turn two?

I keep comparing the business to a baby, it needs so much love, care and nurturing and its been so rewarding to see it grow.  We’ve been crawling and now we’re starting to walk. I’m looking forward to taking a moment to reflect and celebrate. 

Can you share a little bit about what Sara Crampton was like aged two?

I was blonde, curly haired and most likely playing in the garden or dressing up the family cat. 

What's the biggest lesson you've learnt in the past two years of The UNDONE?

Knowledge is power. Knowing your customer is critical and the only way to get to know them more is to ask and to pay attention. The more seasons we have under our belt the more we can learn what our customer wants. 


What has been the biggest pinch-me moment these past two years?

We’ve done some fantastic design collaborations so far, with jewellery designer Holly Ryan, Sydney based apparel brand Matin and have offered two rounds of exclusives prints with artist Caroline Walls. All were received so well by our customers and I’m looking forward to doing more of these in the future. 

In saying that, I also get excited and take note of every order that comes through, and love to check what our customers are purchasing and where they’re from. Seeing someone from the other side of the world buy a killer outfit, or whenever a customer comes back time and time again is really rewarding. 

What was something you wish you knew before you launched?

So many things. I’m thankful for the mistakes and the failures, and I’m also thankful at how quickly we can recognise, respond and adapt to turn them into our successes. 


What is your most treasured memory of The UNDONE thus far?

Day one and the first order coming through is still one of my favourite moments. That very first customer (a non relative and outside of our friendship circle) is still one of our most loyal customers and I feel as though she’s now part of our UNDONE family. 

What's next for The UNDONE?

We’ve just launched our new baby category with Mini Marley and will be looking to build upon our broader lifestyle offering.

We also know our customers love our edit of jewellery and will be continuing to grow the designers and styles we have available, especially in the lead up to the Australian summer and holiday season. We also might have another artist collaboration in the pipeline that we’re really excited about!




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