Interview with Beare Park Designer, Gabriella Pereira

Interview with Beare Park Designer, Gabriella Pereira | THE UNDONE

Designed and made locally in Australia with a strong focus on fabric and detailing Beare Park was founded in 2021 by Gabriella Pereira. 

To celebrate the launch of Beare Park at The UNDONE, we spoke with Gabriella about how she went from working in the corporate sector to building her own brand post-pandemic, the gap she is looking to fill in the retail industry, her design process, and much more.

Tell us about you, where did you grow up, what did you study, what do you think has made the biggest impact on where you are now?

I just remember growing up admiring my mother’s closet, and the joy that came with dressing up in her clothes. It is a sentiment I try to capture with each collection. I also have a lot of her pieces in my wardrobe that I wear on high rotation. I love the concept of treasured garments passed down through generations and we hope to create this with Beare Park pieces. I’m very close with my Mum and I feel close to her when I’m wearing her clothes!

I studied a Bachelor of Science and am in my last year of a Bachelor of Laws. While not directly connected to fashion, my areas of study definitely inform my approach to building a brand and business. I love numbers and science. I’m really interested in climate science particularly and the development of modern technical fibres which are carbon positive.

Not coming from a design background, what was that process like of creating your own label? Did you have connections in the fashion industry you could go to for guidance, what were the biggest challenges?

Beare Park was always percolating in the back of my mind, but it wasn’t until the pandemic hit and the world paused to reevaluate that I knew it was time to make the call. Building a brand during a time of unknown was a daunting prospect and not having come from a typical design background meant that I had to approach things in a different way.

We launched at a unique time, post-pandemic. Being unknown in a new industry during a time where everything was starting to remerge was just as exciting as it was challenging. But I trusted the timing. The support we received following our presentation at Australian Fashion Week reaffirmed that it was the right move to make. It just felt right.

From idea to execution, how long did that process take?

It was pretty quick. I wanted to be all in from the outset and knew that, in order to properly dedicate my energy to building a brand, I had to quit my job in finance, as it didn’t exactly allow for a “side hustle”. I am grateful for the structure that coming from a corporate environment gave me, as I was able to apply the same level of discipline to building Beare Park straight out of the gate. From there, everything gained a lot of momentum very quickly. Two months later, Beare Park launched at AAFW 2021.

What would your advice be to those that would want to start their own label?

Confidence comes with knowledge. I believe that in order to successfully sell your ideas to others, you must first be able to sell them to yourself. You are your first customer, so before you do anything else, clearly articulate what it is you want to offer and trust in what makes your brand unique in order to differentiate yourself within the market.


Interview with Beare Park Designer, Gabriella Pereira | THE UNDONE

Working in the corporate sector and seeing a gap in luxurious workwear, what is Beare Park trying to achieve with their designs with this customer in mind?

The brand started with me as a consumer, so I will always design through the lens of our customer. The first collection was all about establishing the basics, I started with the staples I had been craving to wear. With each collection, I look to build on core principles of tailoring, elegant silhouettes and subtle sophistication that anchor the brand, while maintaining a strong sense of self and confidence through fabric and detailing, something that can be felt when wearing each piece. The biggest driver for me is to see the collection being worn and appreciated. Whether it be together, or separate, the intent is always for our pieces to be worn with joy.

You were recently in Europe post fashion week, and by the looks of things you were sourcing fabric. How important is fabrication choice to the Beare Park philosophy?

Fabric comes first. It will always lead my design process, so the sourcing process is paramount. I recently had the privilege of meeting with many of our leading suppliers throughout Italy. We are incredibly lucky to work with some of the oldest and finest mills throughout the world, from Japan to the Biella region of northern Italy for silks, cottons and Australian merino wool. Most are multigenerational family-owned business, embedded with a profound understanding and appreciation for true craftmanship, a narrative that is passed down with each generation. It is always such a gift to be exposed to the history and spend time with the artisans who are such a treasured part of the Beare Park community.

We love hearing about the design process, where do you begin designing a collection?

Fabric is so important to me so it will typically come first. I start with a material and work backwards by considering its natural qualities and designing around that (whether it be drape, stretch or lustre). In saying this, anything can serve as a reference. I am constantly taking photos and writing notes but am always surprised by what kaleidoscopic combination of reference points ultimately inform my design process.

What’s important to you when designing and creating your brand?

For me, local production is such an important part of the brand and its ethos. Each piece is designed and crafted in Australia by our master tailors. It is integral that we work to support and nurture the incredible techniques and capabilities of our local makers and craftspeople.

How would you describe your personal style?

Simple, androgynous and classic. I’m always guided by what I feel comfortable in. When I’m conscious of what I’m wearing, I’ll have a bad day. I tend to gravitate toward relaxed tailoring, elegant silhouettes and neutral colours. I love a man-style crew neck cashmere sweater and will pair one most days with a tailored trouser. For evening wear I love a silk satin or georgette blouse paired with a trouser and sandal.

What are your wardrobe essentials?

The Beare Park Classic Cotton Shirt, Double Breasted Blazer & Relaxed Tailored Trousers, paired back with a pointed shoe, classic loafer or a chic flat sandal.

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