Highlighting our B-Corp Certified Brands

Highlighting Our B-Corp Certified Brands

Here at The UNDONE we are committed to constantly learning and making changes to evolve how our business operates as well as our personal shopping habits.

We love brands that are doing things better, and are proud to stock B-Corp certified brands Faithfull The Brand, Bondi Born and Arnsdorf

What does B-Corp Certified mean? 

Certified B-Corp businesses meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance both profit and purpose.

To become B-Corp Certified, businesses need to go through a rigorous, independent review process that assesses every part of their business to ensure they’re meeting high standards of social and environmental practices for the benefit of people and the planet.  

B-Corp Certified businesses are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. 


Bondi Born

Bondi Born

Bondi Born has been B-Corp certified since December 2020. They reached their certification by meeting numerous criteria, including that 100% of production is locally made in Sydney by family-owned makers who pay their staff fair wages. Bondi Born only source the highest quality, sustainably certified fabrics and the brand actively works to minimise fabric wastage by buying fabrics to order, making small production runs and repurposing dead stock fabrics. Their activewear collection started by repurposing fabric offcuts from their swimwear.

Bondi Born has also committed to become carbon neutral through the Climate Neutral NGO and currently donate 1% of their revenue to non-profits to create a better future for our planet. 


Faithfull The Brand

Faithfull the Brand 

One of our newer brands to The Undone, Faithfull the Brand was B-Corp certified in September 2021, based on their commitment to the community, conscious business practices and a pledge to be a force for good.

Since the brand was founded in 2012, co-directors, Sarah-Jane Abrahams and Helle Them-Enger sought Bali’s best manufacturers to create their hand-made garments, and have continued to live and work closely with their local community ever since. Faithfull is committed to creating socially responsible garments that women can feel good about wearing - in every way. 




Founded by Jade Sarita Arnott in 2006, Arnsdorf was one of the first Australian fashion labels to become B-Corp certified in April 2019. Focusing on creating a brand beyond seasons, with limited edition releases and a core permanent collection, Arnsdorf works to create harmony between a sustainable business model and timeless garments that can be worn season after season.

Arnsdorf source fabrics and fibres based on their environmental and human impact, seeking out organic and natural fibres as well as recycled alternatives that can be used over again or broken down and returned to the earth. They are also committed to circularity in garment production and keep products in circulation for as long as possible, they don’t hold excessive amounts of inventory with a permanent collection accompanied by seasonal collections in very limited numbers. 

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